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Growing risks on social media: How to mitigate threats and protect consumer trust
Social media has fast become a key consumer touch point which brands have been quick to adopt. But as the landscape continues to evolve rapidly - from ever-higher usage, emerging channels and social marketplaces - so too has the threat from bad actors. Learn how forward-thinking businesses are protecting consumer trust in their brands by taking a cross-functional approach to retain control across social channels.

This webinar will cover:
- The evolving threat landscape on social media – from counterfeiting and phishing to impersonation and negative association
- How bad actors exploit social channels – how infringers operate across channels and at scale
- How brands must respond to these threats – assessing the threat level, getting cross-functional buy-in and retaining control
- Best practices on key platforms – Facebook & Instagram

Aug 6, 2020 04:00 PM in London

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Laura Dooley
Principal Analyst @Incopro
Laura is a Principal Analyst at INCOPRO and has worked in the field since 2009. Laura joined Incopro in 2016 and has built a growing team of Analysts in Boise, Idaho, to serve Incopro’s client portfolio. Laura has a varied educational background, including a Masters of Science degree in Communication Disorders, an MBA and an Associate’s Degree in Electronic Technology. Before entering the brand protection world, she worked for several years as a cost analyst for engineering groups in a tech manufacturing environment. For Laura, the best part of working in the Brand Protection industry is the opportunity of working with technology, data and most importantly, within a collaborative relationship with clients.
Leanne Fayter
Brand Protection Analyst @Incopro
Leanne is a Brand Protection Analyst and joined Incopro in 2019. She works mainly for a global confectionery company who experiences phishing attacks regularly, and she also works for a global luxury goods company where she finds high value targets for offline enforcement. Prior to Incopro Leanne studied Law at the University of Exeter, with a focus on IP law in her third year.
Caroline Thompson
Manager of the Trademark, Domain and Infringement Group @ETS
Caroline Thompson is the Manager of the Trademark, Domain and Infringement Group at ETS. She has over 7 years’ experience in the world of intellectual property and has specifically focused on Social Media and Mobile App Enforcement for much of her career. In her current role she oversees a stellar group that protect and enforce trademark and copyright globally, handle trademark licensing and correct use and manage the trademark and domain portfolios. She holds a B.A. from Lafayette College and an MBA from Western Governors University.